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Gorilla reservation guidelines
Gorilla permits cost 500 USD per person. Permits can be acquired directly from Uganda Wildlife Authority.
Below there is an extract from the official guidelines for the gorilla permits issued by Uganda Wildlife Authority. Be sure to check the gorilla rules too before gorilla tracking activity.

Illness: Any visitor who shows signs of illness will not be allowed to visit the gorillas. A visitor shall be declared unfit to track due to illness by a warden in charge in the park. 50% of tracking fee will be refunded. Illness is determined at the discretion of the warden in charge. The cancellation policy will apply to visitors who fall sick prior to their travel to the park.

Non Refundable: Permits are non refundable, however visitors who track gorillas the whole day but fail to view them for whatever reason will be refunded 75% of the tracking fee.

Tracking - Viewing: Gorilla tracking permits is not a guarantee that gorillas will be clearly viewed.

Minimum age limit: The minimum age limit to visit gorillas is 15 years. There is need to provide proof of age.

Park Entry Fee: The permit includes park entrance fee for that particular tracking date.

Viewing Time: Visitors are allowed to stay with the gorillas for one hour only.

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