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Gorillas in Uganda
Mountain Gorillas, an endangered specie, are the main attraction of Uganda. Gorillas living in Uganda are among
the most friendly and among the biggest living primates
on earth. Looking in the eyes of a thinking gorilla is an exciting experience to live.

Gorillas have the 95% of our genetic code and less than 800 specimen are left living between Bwindi National Park in Uganda and Virunga mountains. At the time of writing (August 2009) in Uganda it is possible to observe 6 groups of gorillas habituated to the human presence. Mgahinga gorilla tracking as been suspended since gorillas moved across the border.

Only 8 visitors per group per day, can climb the mountain to observe gorillas. Gorilla tracking can take up to eight hours but usually it's done in four or five hours. It is necessary to acquire in advance a permit to track the gorilla from Uganda Wildlife Authority at 500 USD.

Another attraction Uganda offers are chimpanzees. Many habituation experiences can be tried in Kibale Forest, Budongo Forest
and at Kyambura Gorge within Queen Elizabeth National Park borders.

On Ngamba Island 45 minutes by boat from Entebbe, on Lake Victoria,
live a small chimpanzee community saved from poachers.
Many monkeys species are present in Uganda. A good place to see most of them is Kibale Forest, famous for its primates population.

13 species of primate are resident in Kibale which is one of the highest primate densities in the world.

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