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Game Reserve Ajai e Aswa-Lolim - Uganda

Game reserve of Ajai is made mainly by forests, grassland and swamps. It takes its name by the Ajai island and it covers an area of 158 sq. km. The different rivers crossing the reserve (Nile, Acha and Linya) create a unique ecosystem with swampy areas and drained higher ground each one with its own fauna and flora.

Many species of birds inhabit the reserve like: Shoebill (Balaeniceps rex), Piapiac (Ptilostomus afer), Heuglin's Masked-Weaver (Ploceus heuglini), Gray-headed Oliveback (Nesocharis capistrata), Emin's Shrike (Lanius gubernator) and many others.

Aswa-Lolim game reserve was used by elephants to migrate from Murchison Falls area to southern Sudan. Today human settlements have blocked this route and some believe that various elephants still live within Zoka forest.