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Rwenzori Mountains National Park - Uganda
Rwenzori Mountains also known as "Mountains
of the moon" was proclaimed a World Heritage Site to protect the natural beauty, flora and fauna
of the area. Believed to be the source of the Nile by the Roman geographer Ptolemy in 150 AD was conquered and fully explored by the Italian Luigi
di Savoia in 1906.

The Park covers 996 sq km of rugged mountain terrain offering visitors
a rare experience of an Afro-Montane rainforest. Rwenzori mountain range is the highest in Africa with the third highest peak on the African continent and is 120 km in length and 48 km in width and is frequently shrouded in mist and cloud with the icy peaks rarely being visible from far. The main attraction is the luxuriant vegetation found above 3000 m, which includes giant forms of lobelia, heather and groundsel.

Even if the main attraction is the climbing on the 3 mountains there are 70 mammals and Rwenzori Mountains National Park is the only place where the Angola Kolobus has been recorded and can be seen.
Elephants and golden cats are present but nearly impossible to see.
Blue monkey is likely to be seen.

Several endemic sunbirds are present like the Ruwenzori Turaco and Mountain Buzzard. The forest zone is home to many other species like
the long eared owl, handsome francolin, cinnamon chested bee eater, Ruwenzori batis, Lagden's bush shrike and more.

Circuit loop of 7 or 9 days with the chance to climb the 3 highest peaks.