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Eco-sustainable lodge on Ssese Islands

To give the chance to enjoy one of the most wonderful places in Uganda, on Bugala Island in Bumangi Bay we
are building a small but welcoming eco-sustainable lodge.

Wind power, solar system, a constant care and concern about the surrounding environment, cooperation with the local community will make the whole lodge a true eco-sustainable place without disrupting or changing any part of this little paradise while preserving the feel of peace and tranquillity belonging to Ssese Islands.

Ssese islands - a brief history

One third of Lake Victoria, the second largest freshwater lake in the world, belongs to Uganda. Created around 12.000 years ago, when a tectonic shift caused the formation of a huge basin of water within the two branches of the Great Rift Valley. During that time many volcanic islands were formed, most of them in the northern part of Lake Victoria. The biggest one belongs to the Ssese Islands archipelago: Bugala Island.

Ssese islands, an archipelago of 84 islands in the north west area of the lake, was called by Baganda “Islands of God” because they believed to be inhabited by spirits and divinities, called Balubaale in luganda included Mukasa, the spirit of the lake.

A part of Bugala, where the headquarter of the district of Kalangala is located, there are many other inhabited islands like Bubembe, Bukasa, Bufumira e Banda.

All the 84 islands of Ssese islands are covered with a magnificent equatorial forest and are a paradise for birdwatchers and travellers who love tranquillity, peace and leisure.

Vervet monkey, Bushbuck, black and white colobus, hippos, sitatunga antelope endemic to the islands with larger horns than the mainland specie. Other endemic species are present on the islands like the creek rat and three butterfly species.

Visitors can see various different species of hornbills, barbets, turacos, robin chats, flycatchers and weavers. Very common are jewel-like pigmy kingfisher, brown throated wattle eye, paradise flycatcher, African fish eagle, palmnut vultures, little egret, great cormorant.

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